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July 7, 2017

Pelican Debuts In-App Chat Feature to Strengthen Compliance

Pelican Auto Finance LLC aims to improve compliance efforts with its new mobile app by recording all borrower-agent chat communications, Joel Kennedy, chief performance officer and compliance officer, told Auto Finance News.

The subprime lender partnered with Payix to provide collection tools through the app, which launched last month. Through the app, borrowers can schedule payments, review payment history, and communicate with their assigned agents via a live two-way chat feature, similar to Facebook Messenger.

“While many other companies use artificial intelligence to monitor messages and calls, we hire real agents to serve our customers,” he said.

The lender will record and post all messenger communications within the system comments for internal viewing to help the company and employees remain compliant, Kennedy said.

Additionally, the tools are designed to help Pelican better connect with borrowers and improve its ability to collect loan payments, especially subprime borrowers, according to a company press release.

Payix partnered with Nortridge Loan System in mid-April to help develop the app and allow for “faster, automated posting of payments,” Kennedy said.


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