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September 8, 2017

You Like to Talk, but They Like to Text

Remember the rotary dial telephone? If you’re older than 40, you do. Rotary phones were still in most homes and businesses in the 1960s and weren’t really phased out completely in favor of push-button phones until the 1980s. It wasn’t a leap to begin using the push-button phone, but it was a change – and most people readily made the change without offering much resistance.

Since then, telecommunication has come a long way. No more push-button phones, and for many people, no more home phones at all. A Gfk MRI Survey of the American Consumer published earlier their year showed- for the first time- that a majority of adults in the United States now live in households with no landline telephones. Instead, most Americans are using mobile phones to talk with one another, and they’re not just any old mobile phones either. A Pew Research Center study released this past January indicated nearly 80 percent of adults in the United States are using smartphones.

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