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November 13, 2017

Why We Rely on Mobile Convenience

No matter our age, we have all heard the “in my day we didn’t have …” statements that older generations like to talk about with younger generations. Now that it’s 2017, there is quite a bit of new technology that can be used to fill in the end of that sentence. People over the age of 40 today didn’t have the convenience of tablets, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, on-demand content, or hundreds of television channels when they were kids. And, of course, they didn’t have smartphones.

Today, it seems like everyone from grandparents to small children have a smartphone in hand. If you walk around a crowded place, you will probably see most people with their heads down eyeing their phone screen and even toddlers in strollers playing on some device to keep them entertained. Millennials tend to take most of the heat when it comes to being overly dependent on technology. But based on what we see every day, they aren’t the only generation that is drawn-in by smart devices.

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