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SubPrime Auto Finance News Senior Editor Nick Zulovich
September 25, 2017

Payix describes brisk pace of its mobile collections business

FORT WORTH, Texas — Forgive Payix president Chris Chestnut if it takes a moment to collect himself and determine what today’s date might be.

“The past six months has flown by,” Chestnut said during an interview with SubPrime Auto Finance News. “It seems like just yesterday we were in southern California — at the Nortridge Software annual user group meeting — preparing to unveil our products. Our time since the launch has been filled with reaching important milestones, as well as working together as a team to solve problems.

“As much as you try to anticipate what’s ahead, you can’t think of everything. But by staying focused and committed to our vision, we’ve maintained an upward trajectory,” Chestnut continued.

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