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November 15, 2017

Kevin Fisher Employee Spotlight

Here at Payix, we pride ourselves on our team of talented individuals. All are professionals in their respective fields, and we want to take this opportunity to introduce you to another of our team members today.

Kevin Fisher brings over 25 years of telecommunications and data networking experience to his position here at Payix. As our Client Integration and IT Manager, Kevin is heavily involved in product development and production. He works with developers to create client products and takes part in testing to ensure the products work properly before delivering them to the client.

Though he has an impressive amount of experience, Kevin said he still learns new things about software implementation all the time. “I enjoy the fact that this is a new and challenging opportunity that is different than the work I’ve done before,” Kevin said.

Kevin also likes to challenge himself outside the office through his weekend activities. He loves to take his jeep out with his wife, daughter and friends and go rock crawling, an extreme form of off-road driving. On these adventures, they attempt to drive up or down incredibly steep ridges and hills to see if their jeeps can handle the task. Even when they aren’t four wheeling, Kevin and his family still like to be active on the weekends, going camping or fishing when they can.

                          Kevin Fisher

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