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December 1, 2017

Parker Anderson Employee Spotlight

Since our launch in March 2017, Payix has accomplished many things, but one of our proudest accomplishments is the team we’ve assembled. We have a terrific group of professionals who work at Payix, and we’d like to continue our team highlights by introducing Parker Anderson to you today.

As our Information Technology Specialist, Parker focuses on ensuring all the Payix products are functioning properly. This involves testing for software bugs (flaws) and reporting what he finds to the development team. He also aids other team members in building and installing our products, as well as integrating them with our clients’ systems after the testing has been completed.

If this seems like a wide variety of work, you’d be right. On a daily basis, Parker handles several different projects at a time. It sounds challenging, but Parker says this is the most enjoyable part of his job. “I like the fact that I’m not just working on one thing every day,” Parker said. “I get to take part, and help out, with many different projects. And all the things I do come together to make our products work cohesively and smoothly.”

Parker also likes to keep busy outside of work. On weekends, he repairs cars, a hobby he became interested in because of his grandfather who owns a business working with classic cars. It’s not uncommon for Parker to spend his time helping his friends and family with car repairs when needed as well. Parker says his ultimate dream would be to find a 1995 Toyota Supra — which he says is an iconic Japanese car — and fix it up for himself to drive.


        Parker Anderson

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