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October 19, 2017

Jose Diaz Employee Spotlight 

One of the reasons our clients have said they choose to work with us is because of the team we’ve assembled. We’re proud of the professionals who work at Payix, and we’re excited to introduce you to one of them today.Jose Diaz, better known as Jr. around the office, is the Business Intelligence Manager here at Payix. From others’ perspectives, Jr.’s work deals mostly with numbers and excel sheets.

But beneath the stream of numbers is valuable data that can improve company efficiency.As the Business Intelligence Manager, Jr.’s job is to analyze that data to predict business trends. He creates reports for Payix and client companies and provides recommendations based on his findings. His work helps companies better understand their customers’ behavior and become as successful as possible.

Overall, what Jr. enjoys most is helping Payix and client companies identify changes they can make to improve efficiency and profitability. “Accurately predicting an outcome based on the data I analyze and seeing the final solutions work as intended is the best aspect of my job,” he said.

Outside the office, Jr. is an exceptionally active person who frequently takes part in races that challenge his athletic ability. He usually competes in mud races or obstacle course runs on the weekends, sometimes going as far as San Antonio to take part in an event. Even when he isn’t preparing for or taking part in a race, Jr. loves to remain active and go rock climbing with his wife and friends.

                  Jose (Jr) Diaz

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