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More and more people are using mobile technology for personal business – not just to buy things online, but also to pay bills. So if the only way borrowers can connect with you when using their smartphone is by dialing your number, you’re missing an opportunity to collect payments more effectively and more efficiently.

Payix offers collections tools to lenders and auto dealers that complement your existing collections resources and can be seamlessly integrated with your loan management system with little to no IT time. Our white-label software offerings include a native mobile application, online borrower web portal, text-pay solution, and interactive voice response (IVR).  In addition, we provide clients with access to our client administration portal (CAP) for loan-level control and administration of all available payment channels. Using our products, you can maximize your loan servicing capabilities to collect more money from more borrowers. Mobilize Collections™ with Payix.


Payix is PCI DSS Level 1 certified. All our lender branded, white-label products have been tested to ensure the highest level of quality and security.

Payment Processing Resources

Payix is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank AG, New York, NY and is powered by First Data. We are PCI DSS Level 1 certified and process payments securely through our own proprietary payment gateway, Payix.IO. As a Merchant Service Provider (MSP), we accept payments made by way of debit card, credit card, prepaid cards, and electronic check/bank draft (ACH). Our gateway has the ability to support both the Visa and MasterCard Consumer Debt Repayment Programs™ (CDRP).


Business Intelligence Solutions

Part of knowing where you want to go is knowing where you’ve been. We believe utilizing borrower data today can unlock the keys to their behavior tomorrow. And we’re ready to help you uncover, interpret and act on that data to make your business succeed and grow.

Payix’s business intelligence (BI) services equip lenders with analytics and easy-to-read reports to support your efforts to understand and engage with your borrowers. What are your borrowers conveying based on their payment patterns? What can their loan history tell you about what they’re likely to do in the future? Payix can help lenders discover these answers and many more by providing relevant and actionable business intelligence using information generated from our payment tools and the portfolio data you already own.


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